About us

Who we are

Biosynk is a 100% black owned business. We operate nationally with head offices in Cape Town. We have a Level 1 BEE rating and endeavor to further improve on this.

We are a reputable, ethically and professionally run business.

Our good reputation and excellent service has led to the company to continuously grow and improve and increase our range of products and services.

We have declared ourselves a learning organization and continually benchmark ourselves against reputable players in the industry within and outside the country.

We have invested considerable resources to equip our offices in order to render an efficient service to our clients and to be competitive in the industry. We are committed to continually improving our systems as and when necessary.

National Presence

We are one of the only Biometrics provider in KZN and few in Cape Town to provide remote gprs clocking machines where clients can view clocking of employees from any location in one central point either through mobile phones/tablets or computers. We are able to service our clients in Durban -Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and as well as Nationally as requested.

Our Products & Services

We provide high quality Biometric devices which are the first of its kind in South Africa.

We have a broad list of access control devices which we have on offer.

Biometric Software offers integration with various payroll software including Pastel Payroll.

Some clients do not want to be saddled with the duty of tracking all changes to the myriad of legislation that affects staff remuneration.

Further, they want to be freed from the duties of complying with statutory deductions and payments to the state agencies.

Therefore they are happy to leave this to a reputable agency that has expert staff in this area.

We pride ourselves to provide only the highest quality CCTV equipment.

From basic analogue systems to smart IP cameras, whatever your needs we will tailor a plan for you.

With competition on the rise, companies require reliable and stable communication systems to stay ahead of the game.

With technology evolving on a daily basis, the options have grown to be much more than just a pager, PBX and even a mobile phone.

Virtual PBX (VBX) from ECN offers a high quality communications service, with advanced PBX features and being "always-on" in the cloud, it gives your business a unique touch.

Eliminating the need for expensive and complicated equipment, whilst offering you a future proof technology roadmap, the Virtual PBX will provide the functionality needed to operate your business seamlessly and professionally.

We offer affordable, high quality multifunction printers and devices. Kyocera printers provide the tools you need to transform the way your organization works.

Boost productivity, reduce waste and increase collaboration with Kyocera.

Explore the powerful potential of our range of products to serve your business needs and improve productivity. Efficiency and agility.

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